WestX is about adventure, taking a chance, and discovering what lies ahead. The West is a land steeped in the tradition of doing what others say can’t be done, and WestX is a celebration of that spirit. Crossing the length of the Great Basin, in all its harshness, isolation and beauty, riders will experience a race that challenges them both mentally and physically, with the promised reward of a deeper understanding of what’s possible.

Jay Fichialos, Cori Jones, and Cooper Bingham are the founders and organizers of the race. Together we’ve ridden every inch of this race. We’ve run low on water, got caught in the sand traps, met with the locals and rode alongside the mustangs and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

The “Code of the West” applies to all participants, you are responsible for your own safety at all times. For specifics see the rules.

Code of the West
First chronicled by the famous western writer, Zane Grey, in his 1934 novel The Code of the West, no “written” code ever actually existed. However, the hardy pioneers who lived in the west were bound by these unwritten rules that centered on hospitality, fair play, loyalty, and respect for the land.

Look out for your own.
Don’t inquire into a person’s past. Take the measure of a man for what he is today.
Defend yourself whenever necessary.
Don’t make a threat without expecting dire consequences.
Never pass anyone on the trail without saying “Howdy”.
When approaching someone from behind, give a loud greeting before you get within shooting range.
Don’t wave at a man on a horse, as it might spook the horse. A nod is the proper greeting.
After you pass someone on the trail, don’t look back at him.  It implies you don’t trust him.
A cowboy doesn’t talk much; he saves his breath for breathing.
No matter how weary and hungry you are after a long day in the saddle, always tend to your horse’s needs before your own, and get your horse some feed before you eat.
Cuss all you want, but only around men, horses and cows.
Do not practice ingratitude.
A cowboy is pleasant even when out of sorts. Complaining is what quitters do, and cowboys hate quitters.
Always be courageous. Cowards aren’t tolerated in any outfit worth its salt.
A cowboy always helps someone in need, even a stranger or an enemy.
Be hospitable to strangers. Anyone who wanders in, including an enemy, is welcome at the dinner table.
Give your enemy a fighting chance.
Real cowboys are modest.  A braggert who is “all gurgle and no guts” is not tolerated.
Be there for a friend when he needs you.
A cowboy is loyal to his “brand,” to his friends, and those he rides with.
Respect the land and the environment by not smoking in hazardous fire areas, disfiguring rocks, trees, or other natural areas.
Honesty is absolute – your word is your bond, a handshake is more binding than a contract.
Live by the Golden Rule.

“The Code of the West was a gentleman’s agreement to certain rules of conduct. It was never written into the statutes, but it was respected everywhere on the range. ” – Ramon F. Adams

(Abridged from website: http://www.legendsofamerica.com)