1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Riders must ride from the start point to the finish point, following 100% of the course (side trips are fine if you return to the point where you left the course). All forward land travel must be human powered. Do it all yourself, under your own steam.
  3. It is the rider’s responsibility to know and observe local laws. Don’t do anything that would discredit the race.
  4. Drafting is prohibited for solo riders. Riding together with another rider is permitted, but you should ride side by side and avoid shielding from wind in any way. 
  5. No Helmet, No Insurance, No Ride.
  6. Having a GPS tracking device and or emergency evacuation insurance is a really good idea, cell phone coverage is minimal and towns are few and far between. You are on your own.
  7. Start time begins based on a receipt purchased in Almo, Idaho. End time is based on a store receipt purchased in Beaver Dam, Arizona. The clock will not stop for any reason.
  8. While riding at night (defined as between 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM), each bicycle must be equipped with a properly functioning front and rear lighting system and this system should be on at all times.
  9. No doping.
  10. 3rd party support is prohibited. All food, drink, and equipment must be carried by the rider or acquired en-route. Do not make race arrangements, drop supplies or organize support before the race begins. Only accept repair help or purchase supplies en-route that others can also receive along the way.
  11. Riders should act in a spirit of self-sufficiency and show good sportsmanship.
  12. Enjoy the ride.

Enforcing the Rules:

The rules apply to all riders. Time penalties may be imposed and riders may not appear in the race results due to rule violations. Penalties for violations will be decided after a rider has completed the course, or quit the race. Riders should self-police the rules. It is honorable to declare any rule violations and self-disqualify or suggest a fair time penalty.


WestX is a challenging race. Riders should not expect support or recovery if things go wrong for them in any way – riders will be alone. Understand that this is a personal challenge against the clock. By signing up riders get nothing but an excuse to plan and execute their own adventure, one which is dangerous and has serious risks for those unprepared.

This race is definitely not for everyone and may not be for you. The race route plots out a serious adventure through remote sections of the Western United States. In remote areas services, food and water are limited. Riders will need to do their own research to find out where critical services are located.

Riders alone are responsible for their own safety on the course and for the logistics of their own ride. Riders are urged to take planning seriously, study the route and the services available. Please do not be someone who needs rescuing without a very good reason. Do not divert critical emergency services unless it is a matter of life-or-death.